marie veronique

support skin function & experience skincare like you have never before



By Time

At Thesis, we book our facials by time. The service option that you choose is the amount of time that you are on the table, receiving treatment. We encourage you to budget an additional 20-30 minutes, on top of your scheduled time.

Sculptural Facelift

A treatment that solely focuses on releasing tension in your facial muscles. This service consists of external and intra-oral face massage.


We must choose wisely when it comes to picking what we bring into our homes. What we put in and on our bodies. What we give time and energy to. Every item we carry has intention and integrity, closely tested by us. Used by us in every day applications.


Marie Veronique

Skincare rooted in innovative formulation, that focuses on supporting healthy skin function.


An opportunity to learn more about your skin, and receive beneficial treatments.


Liz has developed a large following for her threading, waxing and microblading for a very good reason.

Home + Body

We all want function, good formulation and intent in the products we purchase. We have done the leg work to find the good ones.

no repeats

what does this mean?
we carry product that has a purpose for being on your shelf. we bring on lines that are not already sold in our area. we are the only US retailers for two of our most loved brands.

we want to add value to your daily routine, not more steps


Liz approaches each brow appointment with attention to the individual and their unique features.