Marie Veronique

Marie Veronique

Finding Marie Veronique will always be a pivotal moment in my career. 

I get this question a lot, 'how did you find MV?' Well, it wasn't exactly anything special, except for a lot of research. I would make lists on lists of companies and go through their websites and social media accounts to research products, ingredients and their approach to skin. 

Then there was Marie. In only the best way possible, MV stood out like none other. I was honestly a bit confused that there was a company like it in the US. 

Lucky for me, MV is based in Berkeley, CA and I travel to the bay area every fall. With my next trip and a crew of a 18 month old and 80 year old, I visited Marie Veronique! I bought product to try, introduced myself and chatted with one of their amazing estheticians. Four months later I was doing my interview to carry MV in my own space.....which didn't even have a name for another six months. 

To say that MV is a special line in the skin care world, is an understatement. I was blown away when I started using it and learning their approach and research into skin care that had the goal of supporting skin function. I knew it had a place in Missoula, and I was right. Our community at Thesis has totally embraced this line and fallen in love with it. 

I strongly encourage anyone to take the time and watch some of their videos! I had the pure luck to get to attend a class with Kristina Holey and Marie....followed up with the most magical lunch. Marie, Heather (our point of contact and magic worker) and I sat down for the most incredible lunch that this esthetician could've imagined. 

The skincare industry is lucky to have this incredible company, working as they do to support skin and pushing the skincare world to better places. 

I encourage you to take a minute and do your own dive of research, you won't regret it. 

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